8 Pawesome Facts About Dachshund!

8 Pawesome Facts About Dachshund!


Initially, dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers. They were brought out in Germany about 300 years ago. Their short legs and small paws allow them to climb into badger holes. 


Currently, there are 12 standard colours that dachshund can have and three 'special signs'. Doxies can be black, brown and even golden. Their hair can be short or long. There is also a special mini-dachshund breed. 


The dachshund has become 'victims' of love from the German Imperial House. Wilhelm II had tremendous respect for dachshunds; he had five dogs of this breed. During and after the first world war, popularity and reputation of dachshund went down. 


Also during World War 1, dachshunds image were used in caricature and propaganda posters against Germans. Those images were showing Germans as aggressive and somewhat unintelligent. 

During World War 2, Nazi scientists have claimed that they have taught one dachshund how to speak. Dachshunds were used in a lot of cruel experiments during that time. It took decades of peace for the breed and its reputation to recover. 


Dachshund has became first olympic mascot - an animal named Waidi has been a symbol of 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Dachshund was selected because of the breeds reputation being courageous and athletic. 


Many popular artists have showed their love for doxies. One of the most famous doxie lovers was Andy Warhol. He took his own doxie to the interviews, and whenever he didn't like the question he let the dog answer it. Picasso also was a big lover of dachshunds, he fell in love with the breed after he met David Douglas Duncan dog. David Hockney is also a big lover of dachshund, he had two of those. 


Dachshund became the first cloned dog in the UK. 12 year old Winnie had won a chance to be the first dog. The cloning was performed by South Korean scientists. They took care of Winnie for 5 months and then sent him back home. Winnies owner say that Mini-Winnie (that's how she called the new dog) is a 100% copy of the Winnie. Not only they look alike, but have same habits and temper. If you wonder, Winnie is fully health and there is no doubt that he will live long and happy life. At the present Mini-Winnie is expecting to have puppies! 

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