About our Harness

We specialize in harnesses designed to complement all dogs, from family to sporting and working. Our No Pull Harness is designed to let dogs enjoy total comfort while you are in control

Being able to easily place the harness on and off was a must. Our robust yet flexible release buckles make it possible to do so within two seconds. The buckles are practically unbreakable. We have chosen them with great care. 

Our No Pull Harness is basically a training harness, so the side rings are essentially training rings.  This won't allow your dog to pull anymore and  teaches him to walk beside you. We have seen that dogs will quickly understand that there is no use in pulling anymore.

Another way we secured premium comfort is with our soft sponge pads, which are located in the interior part of the harness. These pads are especially designed to comfort your dog's skin. The pads are made of durable, breathable and lightweight material. The main material of our harness is fine nylon.

Our harness is great for dogs that tend to escape from their harness easily, due to our highly adjustable strips. Even a slight discrepancy could allow your dog to find a way to get out of it. Our adjustable straps provide you the extra customizability to find the perfect fit for your dog. This will make escaping practically impossible.

Another way we guarantee safety is through our durable reflective strips. We have placed these strips on the harness´s front. Any light that touches the front, will be noticeably reflected.

Our custom patches allow for personalizing your harness with names, sayings, instructions, or other forms of identification. You can even apply your phone number on it!

Owning a dog can be quite expensive. Especially when you need to buy the same kind of product multiple times. Therefore, we selected the best materials to ensure our No Pull Harness to last a lifetime. Hence, we give every customer a lifetime warranty. Your dog deserves a lifetime of comfort and quality. You deserve full control and financial ease.

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