Who We Are

A strong, comfortable, No Pull Harness, with even his own name. What does a dog need more in life? Well, that’s what we, once just two ordinary dog owners, thought too! This is the beginning of a beautiful story of what once started as just a dream, and eventually became reality. A reality we’re still living in!

Our Daisy

In 2013, me and my beloved got a dog. At first, we were living the dream. We loved the little creature. But eventually, we, as any dog owner, came to realize that owning a dog could be quite tough. From potty training to commando’s, from leaving their toys hanging around to vacuuming their fur twice a day, and of course the endlessly yanking the leash when walking them. Till one day, when my partner and I came across a dog wearing a cute and strong little harness. So, first thing home, we started looking for one. We bought one that was supposed to be strong and safe. However, it broke after a few walks, with little Daisy chasing people across the park. So, we bought a new one. Not as cute as the last one, but hopefully stronger and safer. Problem here, it wasn’t at all comfortable for our Daisy. It itched a lot and we had a hard time putting it on.

The Idea

At that point, when I was giving up and accepting the forever yanking and pulling the cord, my partner couldn’t get one thing out of his head. Why is there no comfortable, safe and good looking harness out there? I mean, who doesn’t want such a harness for their dog? So, we started working from that idea. This was the start of what would become a beautiful thriving company over the last couple of years. After putting a lot of effort and thought in it, we came up with the perfect harness, and found suppliers who were very interested in helping us achieve our dream! A harness, safe and strong, very comfortable for his skin, with the latest no pull technology, available in so many colors, and even with his own name on it! So stylish, so safe, and so comfy!

The Start

When everything was set, we started selling in our home country, the Netherlands. We were hoping for a good start, but didn’t want to get our hopes up too quickly. Luckily, our hard work paid off, since in the first couple of weeks, business was booming. Everyone loved our harness. At one point, me and my partner walked the dog, and we came across so many people with doggies, wearing our harness!

After The Start

It’s been quite a few years since we came up with this idea, and dog owners all throughout the Netherlands are loving it! And we realized that we couldn’t keep this from you anymore. Every dog deserves this! That’s why we expanded our business to the states, and now we even ship globally! So if you’re reading this, and you already got it, or are just about to, you should realize how lucky your dog is for having the best owner in the whole world!

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Much love,

(number chamber of commerce: 78106907)